it felt such a long time since i made anything related to the sailor moon series.. it was about 2 years ago since i last drew them all together.. XD but anyways.. here's my most recent drawing.. finished just before july 20.. XD

get full resolution at reirei18.devianart.com 

very traditional and im not really liking that sketchbook's texture.. x_x"

and here's one of my works in progress.. this is a collab between me and 15385bic from theOtaku.com she drew the lines and i color.. 

collab with 15385bic part 2.. 

view original lineart here --> by 15385bic.theOtaku.com

im almost almost done coloring it.... look forward to the finished pic on my deviantart gallery and at theOtaku.com


*hugs* rei..~~<3