whooo... im in winnipeg and it's already winter here...... jk.. but it's a lot lot colder here than in toronto.... duh.. it's winterpeg... XD

anyways... hoping to get some "real" break within this week while i organize some stuff... XD

meanwhile, i was directed to this site --> here <-- and started to feel like watching old cartoons...~~ i think watching these will mostly fill up my break if i can find them online..

some are worth taking note so i can look back at this later if i cant find it now.. XD


even now, i still remember the flute song he's playing.. XD

princess sara..

it's a shame crunchyroll took off the rest of the episodes but im sure the rest are somewhere on the internet...


for the love of dogs.. i remember one dying from hunger... this is a really good cartoon.....


one of the cartoons that influenced me to draw just because the main character was drawing too.. XD

tom sawyer..

the scene i remember most is that from the river cleaning stones to find gold and in the cave escaping a scary guy.. XD

some of u might remember these cartoons when they were young..... if u know any site where any of these can be watched, please do tell me......~~~<3