regardless of how small and slow it was, overall, it was a great first time experience for me to set up a table and sell stuff.. some people actually asked for my signature and i totally missed that chance to take their pics.....! *shot* OTL
also, i was cosplaying hinata from naruto on the first day but i completely forgot to take a pic of myself too..... *overkill* x_x"
anyways.. this was our table on the second day.. thanks to the guy who took our pic.. *^^*
reirei18 + snowp + falsedelusion
Luzmelt concert was AWESOME................................. <3
cool cosplayers too..
a few more pics in my facebook page --> dotcon 2010 pics
lastly, a remembrance from Luzmelt.. their autograph in my bookmark... <3
Luzmelt was awesome.. their live performance was great and they're really nice in person.. fun.. and really fun.. hope they'll come back to canada soon.. *^^*